Small Business Financial Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs & Micro-Business Owners

Building Financial Confidence for Small Business Success

November 30 - December 01, 2018
8:30am-2:00pm PST

Day 1: Small Business Finances & Taxes and Explore the Accounting & Tax Life Cycle

Day 2: Small Business Case Studies utilizing QuickBooks Online Accounting Solutions

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Join Mariette Martinez
for this Two-Day, In-Person Bootcamp Event

What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

To achieve consistent and long-term financial success, small business managers must master their numbers and use this data to make informed business decisions. To master your books, you must first understand why your financial dashboard is critical to guarantee business growth and then take ownership of measuring this information.

By leveraging technology, you can obtain and analyze this financial data in real-time and partner with your financial team to build a road map to meet your S.M.A.R.T. financial business and personal goals. We will use real-life, small business case studies utilizing the QuickBooks Online solutions to deep dive into accounting scenarios and transactions that you can learn and apply in your business. Let me take you on 2-day entrepreneurial journey of financial awareness with a mission to conquer your fears and resistance around your numbers and teach you how to utilize this powerful data to make more confident financial business decisions.

I believe every small business should have a fighting chance to reach financial happiness!

  • Day 1: Small Business Finances & Taxes and Explore the Accounting & Tax Life Cycle
  • Day 2: Small Business Case Studies utilizing QuickBooks Online Accounting Solutions

We will be covering Accounting, Taxes, Technology and Mastering your Small Business Financial Management System in Simple, Plain words. We will also discover how entrepreneurs and their financial partners can collaborate together so that they may grow together towards sustainable financial success.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Learning Objectives

Day 1
  • Why are we here to learn about Small Business Financial Success
  • Accounting 101: Bookkeeping Basics for Non-Financial accountants
  • What are you currently doing to manage your businesses finances
  • Which financial professional is best fit for your business & budget
  • What does full service bookkeeping look like – Explore the Accounting & Tax Life Cycle
  • What to Track, Document & Report to manage your business finances and stay tax compliant
  • What is the Financial Statement Dashboard – Deep Dive into the 3 King Financials
  • What are the Financial Statement Numbers & Ratios you need to know & analyze
  • What will the Financial Statements look like at month end, quarter end and year end
  • Advanced Accounting Tasks & Techniques – what does your financial & tax accountant do
  • Ready to grow your team – Solopreneur vs Employer with Payroll
  • Ready to grow with capital – where’s the money and how do I qualify for it
  • Automation & Grow your team with Technology – Why use QuickBooks?
  • Small Business Tax Talk – Explore small business tax topics, enough to make you dangerous
  • Closing the Financial Literacy Gap for small business managers – what comes next
Day 2

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November 30 - December 01


Location and Directions

La Quinta Inn & Suites Ontario Airport


Audience Moments

Mariette Martinez's presentation of QuickBooks Self-Employed Specialty Training was excellent. She was very through, the information was well organized and presented and she included so many helpful tips and worksheets. She gives you everything you need to succeed! Thank you Mariette!

Debbie S. (CPAAcademy attendee)

Mariette was just delightful. She kept your attention to all of the details. Great job Mariette!

Ron O. (CPAAcademy attendee)

Mariette Martinez is an excellent presenter. She makes it easy to listen to a 90-minute webinar. She is high-energy, positive, and knowledgeable.

Anne M. (CPAAcademy attendee)

Ms. Martinez was a great speaker. She had a complete understanding of the subject matter. Please have her back again.

JULIUS K. (CPAAcademy attendee)

Intuit has definitely found the right kind of instructor in Mariette Martinez. She clearly respects the Intuit family of products and enjoys sharing her excitement with others. She's easy to listen to and speaks in every day lingo.

Jill O.

Featured Speaker at

Day One

$297 day one only
  • Learn Financial Accounting in Plain English
  • Learn Full Accounting & Tax Business Life Cycle
  • Master Your Financial Dashboard to Grow Profits
  • Manage Your Cash Flow & Don't Run Out of Money
  • Stay Ahead of Taxes & Strategize for Tax Savings
  • Be Ready to Grow with Team, Partners & Capital

Full 2-Day Bootcamp (Best Value)

$497 $447 Limited Time Early Bird Discount!
Receive all the training from
Day 1 and Day 2 plus the following:
  • 90 in 90 - Receive a 30-minute 1:1 follow-up remote meeting every month for the next 90 days to review your learning and answer any unique accounting and/or tax related questions; this is a $300 value included in this package. (Due to the holidays, I will honor this offering through 3/31/2019)
  • 30-minute Accountability Group Meeting once a month for the next 90 days to review your learning and explore next steps on your financial success journey (Due to the holidays, I will honor this offering through 3/31/2019)
  • Invited to a private Facebook group to stay connected with fellow bootcamp alumni
  • 10% Discount for all future MasterYourBooks purchases

Day Two

$297 day two only
  • Learn QuickBooks Online for Non-Financial Accountants
  • Learn QuickBooks New User Setup, Startup & Navigation
  • Set Up & Use QuickBooks for Self-Employed Business
  • Set Up & Use QuickBooks for Growing Small Business
  • Learn Everyday Tricky Transactions in QuickBooks Online
  • Tips & Tricks to work smarter and faster in QuickBooks

Information and Registration

This bootcamp has been designed for the small business manager and/or the small business financial advisor who needs to learn and understand the fundamental, financial cornerstones that will achieve consistent and long-term business success. You may be the passionate entrepreneur conquering your fears and resistance around your numbers or the accounting/tax advisor wanting to strengthen your financial accounting know-how. This bootcamp will provide the financial foundation and clarity to make confident business decisions that will help small businesses grow and thrive. Let's master your books together!

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